Thermal Baths of Aidipsos

The Roman general Sulla, associated with this archaeological finding, left his mark on Edipsos as he passed through the area. It is said that the pain in his feet was cured by the healing waters of Edipsos.

Nowadays, he is remembered by the sight of the well preserved “Cave of Sulla”, which dates back to the baths of the Roman period. This period is traced through history with the most powerful images. The history of the Edipsos thermal baths dates back thousands of yearsto a time when ancient Greek civilization thrived in the wider region of southeastern Europe. Many historians of those times, including Strabo and Plutarch, referred to the Edipsos thermal baths in their writings for their natural beauty and therapeutic healing springs: “The town of Edipsos, on the island of Evia, is a place for pleasure and recreation, full of graceful buildings and places of entertainment that promise a luxurious stay”, they wrote.

In recent years, and particularly after World War I, the town’s reputation spread further, while famous personalities, and many authors and poets found inspiration in Edipsos. Shipowners and prominent financiers found their summer peace here.

World-renowned figures such as Onassis, Churchill, Maria Callas, Greta Garbo, Omar Sharif and many others were enchanted by the stunning natural beauty of the Edipsos thermal baths. This glorious history continues to this day.

The beautiful landscape, the sea air and the neoclassical manor houses give the visitor a different feel. The town is referred to by Aristotle, Plutarch, Strabo and many other writers of antiquity. Roman and Byzantine emperors and generals stayed here for treatment and relaxation, building holiday retreats and guest houses to make their stay all the more enjoyable. The modern town is built as an extension of the ancient town with an organized infrastructure to assist its visitors. God’s gift to the area are the thermal healing waters that gush from the depths of the earth. The spectacular, crystal-clear beaches are a pleasure for bathers. Local business people with their stores, restaurants and patisseries offer everything the heart desires.

Loutra, Edipsos, is located just 2.5 hours from Athens and 3.5 hours from Thessaloniki, including the ferry boat ride (Akritsa – Edipsos and Glyfa – Agiokampos).

If you opt to drive via Chalkida, you will enjoy a wonderful route through verdant mountains and green valleys, while the drive alongside the Kirea River with the towering plane trees close to the Church of Saint John the Russian is unforgettable. Nowadays, efforts are being made for the Loutropolis (spa town) to regain its former glory and the place it deserves as a local tourist attraction.