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Within a green route and just 35min from Evia, you will find the New Prokopi where you worship the relics of St. John the Russian in the homonymous church. There maintained marmaroskalisti shrine and is one of the biggest pilgrimage of Orthodox Christians. The skynoma moved from Procopius of Cappadocia in New Prokopi Evia 1925. The Holy Monastery of Saint David is another place of pilgrimage where kept fragrant and miraculous bones of Saint David the Elder.

You can combine a visit to the Petrified Forest and the waterfalls at Drymona village.


A different excursion is the visit to the beautiful Lake Evia.


In the monastery of St. George Ilion, has a panoramic location in Mount Telethrion at an altitude of 883m. Will worship the relics of the saint and admire the wooden temple, a masterpiece of woodcarving construction 1834.

Two other monasteries are female monasteries Osias Irene and St. Nicholas in Galataki Lake.


You can also visit our beautiful beaches and quaint villages scattered around the Aidipsou and which will offer you the genuine Greek hospitality and local traditional dishes accompanied by local wine.


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From Athens: From Athens highway, follow signs to Lamia - Stop at Arkitsa Ferry station, 150 kilometers. Total trip around 2 hours.

From Athens higway, middle Halkida (by car) 180 klometers. Total trip around 3 hours.

From Thessaloniki: From Thessaloniki highway, follow signs to Athens, Stop at Glyfa Ferry station, 250 kilometers. Total trip around 3 hours.