History Of Aidipsos

Sulla General of Roman archaeological finds has marked the Edipso the wake. They say that healed the pain of his feet in the healing waters of Aidipsou. We now remember him looking at the "Cave" baths of Roman remains in time. Tut period sketcher historically the most intense images.

The history of Edipsos begins several thousand years ago. It was then that the ancient Greek civilization megalourgouse in Southeastern Europe.

Dozens of historians of those times, including Strabo and Plutarch mention Edipsos their texts both for its beauty and for the therapeutic hot springs "... the city of Aidipsou on the island of Evia is a place for pleasure and fun, full of elegant buildings and nightclubs that promise a luxurious stay. "

Edipsos cosmopolitan center and spa in the Roman period, entertainment and enjoyment. A distant era and marble slabs with the letters unearthed stories to the emperor Hadrian, Marcus Aurelius and the charm of Julia Domna to display overpowering at full length statue. ... and passed and 'rthoun the medieval despots and after Constantine, Theodosius. 3000 years this story keeps well and past moves.

The area around the Capri before many many years ... In recent years and especially after the First World War the city's reputation is spreading everywhere, famous proosopikotites, many writers and poets find their inspiration in Evia. Shipowners and major economic players find their summer tranquility in Evia. Global figures such as Aristotle Onassis, Churchill, Maria Callas, Greta Garbo, Omar Sharif and others attracted by the stunning natural beauty of Edipsos. That being the glorious history continues today.

SOURCE: capri-sa.gr

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Aidipsos Buses: 22260 - 22250

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FERRY BOAT Aidipsos - Arkitsa: 22260 - 23330

FERRY BOAT Arkitsa - Aidipsos: 22330 - 91868

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From Athens: From Athens highway, follow signs to Lamia - Stop at Arkitsa Ferry station, 150 kilometers. Total trip around 2 hours.

From Athens higway, middle Halkida (by car) 180 klometers. Total trip around 3 hours.

From Thessaloniki: From Thessaloniki highway, follow signs to Athens, Stop at Glyfa Ferry station, 250 kilometers. Total trip around 3 hours.